Wednesday, August 24, 2005

October 21, 2004


Got the Deed!
Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! We got the deed to our 3.8 acres! Oh, Wow! We own something outright. Richard and I are ecstatic, of course. Now we have to build a house on said property. After we clear it of underbrush so thick it can't be walked through, Pa says. He's gonna have to brush hog it first. And clear some of the forest. A lot of the forest. We want to leave some of it jungle like, but there has to be room for the house. And shop/garage. Oh boy! I want to go look, but of course, we have no time off to take as we are taking time off for Jenny's graduation in December and for Christmas. Anyway, maybe after the new year. The puppies were thrilled to take a ride down to the mailbox today. They cavorted around the back yard first then we all hopped in the car to go see if the deed had arrived. Jenny had a costume emergency, too. She's going to a party tomorrow night, so Tuesday night we rushed out to buy the material and I am now in the process of making her a pirate costume. I finished the skirt and am now working on the bodice. It is red velvet and lace with a black skirt. Not authentic but fun anyway. I also want to work on some of my own sewing and quilting which has been sadly neglected these past few months. I have stuff that needs to get our before Halloween and Christmas! I am hoping shorter hours at work will allow me to accomplish this goal. I need to get my sewing room cleaned out, so we can plan a major cleaning before the move.Richard and I are working to repair and repaint everything inside the house before we sell. I painted almost every room when we moved in, but after three years and all our pictures and thumbtacks and pushpins and bolts and stuff, the walls in every room need either touchup or full repainting. We'll also shampoo carpets before the house starts being shown. Puppies may have to go down to Mom's for a bit so they dont' get spooked or upset by strangers. Either that, or we plan showings when we are here and can take them out. Maybe that's a better idea. Hmmm...I shall have to think on that. Anyway, I need to get cracking on Jenny's velvet bodice, its almost done!

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