Tuesday, August 23, 2005

July 23, 2004


It's Friday!
Although I didn't get home until 2:30. Today was payday and everyone was calling to see when the checks were in. We got 'em early so lots of drivers who normally have to wait until the next day got to come on over to the office and pick them up. I had a torta today. Not sure how to spell it. It’s an sandwich with sliced avocados on it. There's meat and lettuce and tomato, too. MEB's wife brought it by for us. His little boy is a doll, he wanted to go out to the garage to see Tiger right away! I gave him a biscuit to feed Tiger and he loved it. Tiger jumped all over him, so we now know he loves kids. I came straight home and took a nice long nap. I needed it. The dogs were esconced on my bed (sigh) so I had to go nap on Jenny's bed. I woke up with the dogs in bed with me. Whenever I nap they want to be nearby. I never knew I was the type to tolerate animals on the bed...Jenny and Richard started this when they were puppies. I never was able to break the habit and now, I'm well protected when I sleep (grin). A funny thing happened last night. Flint is VERY protective of me. When Richard and I get to teasing and wrassling, Flint will eyeball Richard to make sure he's not hurting me and if I squeal, he'll forcibly put himself between us and jump at Richard to keep him away (so far he's not tried to bite). So last night we were having a pillow fight - Richard bonked me and I grabbed his pillow and kind of snarled at him. Flint got up on the bed on Richard's side, shoved his nose under his arm and was trying to burrow through Richard to get to me! It was too cute - this little snout nose and two little eyeballs were under his arm, straining to get through him! LOL. Richard had to sit up so Flint could check me out and make sure I was okay. Echo was just enjoying the fight, jumping on the bed, planting her butt in my stomach so I couldn't move, then slapping at Richard with her paws to get in on the fun. Richard and I went out to dinner again. Its very enjoyable knowing we can up and go when we please! We then cruised around Best Buy because he wants the old Myst computer game that they've finally upgraded to play on the new computers and is compatible with XP! He told me once he started playing this evening I'm not supposed to talk to him LOL. I had the opportunity to Instant Message chat with a couple good buddies - that was fun. I've not had time to chat or even be online much these past few weeks so it was nice to be able to talk writing with my writing buddies. As far as writing...well...I'll get to it, honest! Anyway, off to go find something to read.

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