Wednesday, August 24, 2005

November 14, 2004


I just did an update and lost it all again when I tried to upload! DANG!It rained off and on all day but the dogs enjoyed the cooler weather. They went in and out playing with the squirrels on the fence. I think the squirrels have as much fun as the dogs do - running back and forth and chattering at them. Richard and I deep-cleaned the living room, dining room and kitchen today - they really needed it. I've been doing surface clean for a while but serious mopping, dusting and vacuuming needed to be done! So we did it. Richard also repaired the leak in Jenny's bathroom sink. We all did laundry - another thing we all tend to let pile up. Mom called - she loved her tablerunner, placemats and napkins. She already has them out on display! She said Michele greatly appreciated the cross-stitch - something to do during the cooler evenings there. I finished the flannel quilt which I had decided would go to Brandon since he asked for it - but upon finding my sheet of paper with the kids' favorite colors on it - Matthew's favorite color is green. The quilt is mostly greens. So I'm thinking of give it to Matthew and make another like it with mostly reds, which is Brandon's favorite color. I'll post a picture later of Mom's stuff and the finished quilt. I am now working on a lighthouse quilt for Bobbie. Its a panel quilt which means the pictures are already on it. I simply have to do some fancy border work and back, batt and quilt it. I'm hoping to finish tonight or tomorrow.Back to quilting!

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