Saturday, August 27, 2005

May 25, 2005

It's DONE!!!!
The book, that is. Yes, I finished writing it and wrote THE END last night! I was targeting an e-book publisher and it topped out at 41,750 words. This is the shortest book I've ever written. In other news, the house has been looked at twice since Friday and will be looked at again today. The Monday folk liked it and told my realtor that it was a definite candidate, then went back yesterday to look at another house that is also a candidate. The Tuesday folk yesterday didn't like the master bedroom being on one side and the other bedrooms being down the hall. Guess they have small kids. We shall see what today's candidates think. My book is DONE. It feels almost anti-climatic. I've had to struggle to get this book done, not because I had difficulty with it, but because so much is happening right now. Work is practically full-time and then some, we've been working on repairing and maintaining the house as much as we can, we moved Jenny to her current home, and now we have to keep the house spotless each day for realtor showings! Speaking of which, we got the sprinklers repaired last week. Richard mowed the lawn on Sunday. AND last night. Yes, we went out and the lawn needed mowing AGAIN. The bare spots in the grass where we pulled out the evergreens has almost grown back in. The lawn looks sparkling emerald green. Its beautiful...but it needs mowing every 2 days...every two days. Wow. Anyway, I must be off to take my shower and go to work. Oh, by the way. My book is DONE! LOL
And another ending...
I sent Katie's quilt out to be long-arm quilted since it is so big. They called to tell me it was ready to be picked up. The quilting ladies loved the luscious colors Katie chose and the horse fabric especially. I finished binding it this evening. So now, her quilt is done, too! Maybe I can get her Mom's surprise and her brother Billy's quilts done, too. We're driving up to their place on Wednesday June 1. We shall see. Gerrie edited and critted my book today. She found lots of little stuff, which I fixed.The house got shown THREE times today! The first time, I'm not sure what happened. I came home to let the dogs out and discovered that one of them had pooped all over the place! The bedroom, the hallway, the kitchen, the dining room and the living room! They have NEVER pooped in the house in THREE years, except once when Echo was very frightened by a truck out in our back alley. I rushed around cleaning it all up before the realtor and clients arrived...on my last sweep through to make sure I got it all - I saw the realtor's card on the table...they'd already been and gone!!! I am praying that whichever dog did it, did it AFTER they left, but I'm so afraid that's not what happened. Oh, well. anyone who scared my dog that bad probably didn't want my house anyway. The next two showings I was home and I packed Echo and Flint up in the car and took them for a drive around the neighborhood. They love that part!I have one other editor/critique partner looking at my book and to the publisher for consideration. And now, off to read email and boards, then bedtime!

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