Saturday, August 27, 2005

August 15, 2005

Hyper today...
I've been hyper today. I'm high energy anyway, but today is especially odd. Probably because its Monday. The start of the work week. Always busy at work on Mondays. I had to leave work at 10:00 am to go meet the inspectors. Yes. Today, the potential buyers sent in another inspector to "shoot" the foundation to be sure its level. I have no fear that it isn't, as the previous potential buyers already had it done and there were no problems. The engineers who came said there were only minor changes in the numbers, so all is well. Anyway, I've been wondering how to make the Batman Quilt I promised a little boy. I have four fat quarters of various Batman fabrics. I looked at them for a while and couldn't decide on anything. The repeat patterns are small on a couple, so I'd have to be careful how I did it or lose the Batman effect. Well I dreamed vivid last night and the solution came to me. Because I was hyper, while the inspectors "shot" the house, I sat down and started cutting and piecing the top. In the hour they were there, I managed to piece 3/4 of it. Which sort of makes me think I need to get in hyper mode more often. Now, what put me there? The relaxing weekend with Richard? The small worry that something MIGHT really be wrong with the house? The fact that all my stuff at work went like clockwork and I dealt with all the problems before I even came home to meet the inspectors? Who knows. And Echo and Flint did NOT like 3 men in the house even though I was there. BOTH hid under my legs, making it a bit difficult to sew. Echo finally extended a nose out when one guy sat on the floor to write while the other two sang out numbers in the room we were in. Every time he tried to pet her, she'd back up under my legs soon as his attention went back to what he was doing, she'd nose out again. Anyway, back at work now and finishing up a few tasks that came up in the last 15 minutes. Its weird having the work done...wonder what I forgot? Better go check.

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