Saturday, August 27, 2005

April 2, 2005

And so, new beginnings...
Jenny is officially moved to her new place four hours up the road from here. However, she only stayed there long enough to unpack, then headed out to a bridal shower in Baton Rouge, LA for one of her buddies! She should be returning tomorrow, I think. The complex is in the shape of a square with a large inner courtyard. The outer ring of the courtyard is the parking garage. The inside is the actual courtyard with pools, plants, a Jacuzzi and other such things. Each floor has its own parking garage. Jenny's apartment is near the end of the hallway away from the garage. The manager informed her that most folk buy those little baskets with wheels to cart their groceries in. Jenny went out and bought a little red Radio Flyer wagon. She says it will be part of the decor in her apartment when not in use. I thought that was pretty cute. Richard and I had a nice day today. We had to mail the paid bills and taxes off (the only bummer!) and deposit checks. We then went to the mall and bought summer clothes for Richard for work. A quick trip to the commissary and by luck, it was case-lot sale day. We stocked up on shampoo, conditioner, crackers, bottled water, body wash and rice. We left to go to lunch and then came back on base to go to the Exchange and commissary again. I found a really nice cotton sweater in the Exchange and we bought a few other items, too. Then off to the commissary for the real groceries. Richard had decided to make won-ton soup for dinner so bought all the ingredients for that. By the time we dragged home, the dogs were thrilled to be let out in the yard to run and play while we lugged groceries in. Eventually, they settled down to take a nap with me while Richard played on the Internet and watched TV. I woke up to find him industriously cooking dinner. I helped wrap the won-tons and then wandered off to chat (online) with Gerrie. Dinner was pretty good. We both decided that although we liked the won-ton soup broth, my recipe for won-tons is actually better. Next time we'll try mine with his soup broth. I've been sporadically cleaning out the kids/guest bathroom linen closet and under-sink cabinet. Jenny took most of her stuff, leaving the bathroom cabinets surprisingly empty. I'd not realized how much stuff under there and in the linen closet was hers! A lot of what she left was half-empty bottles and junk. I've been consolidating some of it and tossing the junk. Richard will be tackling Jenny's bedroom tomorrow. He will paint the closet and possibly the baseboards and ceiling. Her walls only need a smidge of touch-up - she was careful hanging stuff once we painted it. Once he is done, I will move my office/sewing room in there and make this bedroom the music room. I will buy stands for the guitar, violins and bowed psaltry and we'll shove the piano in here, too. I will leave the bookcase to give it a library effect, too. I'll probably convert this closet into the pantry, too. This bedroom is closest to the kitchen, so it makes sense. All in all, an exciting day and more to come tomorrow.

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