Saturday, August 27, 2005

April 15, 2005

I knew it would happen...
So I laid quilt blocks out on the floor of my new sewing room because I CAN! I played with the setting of the Friendship Stars until I got it looking exactly how I wanted it (a spiral galaxy sort of thing). I knew, but chose to ignore the fact that Echo and Flint have a daily run...down the hallway, to tumble into this room and wrassle, then run back up the hallway to the living room to wrassle. The hallway is like 25 feet long, which is why they enjoy this, I suppose. Now, I knew they'd be messing up the quilt blocks, but I took a picture so I'm not worried about getting it set right again. But I forgot about their penchant for hauling stuff off. Anything on the floor is theirs. Neither one of them chews anything up (except paper...which Friskey, our beloved now-gone kitty did, too - so we think it’s a family pet genetic thing). Anyway, today I came in from work to find the quilt blocks all tumbled about...and a quilt block in the living room.I picked it up, looked at Flint sternly and said, "MINE!" I'm not sure, but I think he snorted. And later, he probably told Echo all about the silly human pet thinking that floor toys were hers.Richard is back from his conference. He's glad to be home! Echo was thrilled to see him. Flint was more sedate, but just as happy. Mom called me this morning. She entered a contest on the TODAY SHOW. Its called LIVE FOR TODAY and they asked people if they had the time and money, what kind of things would they like to do that they've always dreamed of. They had 55,000 entries. Mom's made it to the top 50. Now the viewers have to vote. Here's where you go vote: go vote and choose, as one of your 5 choices, SIPPING A MINT JULEP AT THE KENTUCKY DERBY. That's Mom's entry. If its one of the top 5, she will win that prize of going to the Kentucky Derby. Thank you!Off to write!

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