Saturday, August 27, 2005

April 9, 2005

Some days, everything works...
I got off early today, MEB's back in town. Only for the day, but still. So I decided to run errands. I went to the bank and deposited checks. I mailed my sister's now-fixed computer back to her ( on postage prices for THAT)! I ran to the bookstore to get Elizabeth Peters' latest in the Amelia Peabody series and to get Jenny the FIX IT AND FORGET IT COOKBOOK. I stopped at the music store to get 5 music stands for the guitar and the violins. My old office/sewing room is going to be a music room and library when I am done. I stopped to buy more book boxes to pack things in for the move after we sell the house (and to mail stuff to people, too). I came home to find a SALE PENDING SIGN on my neighbor's house - he sold! I still don't know for how much. I called the agent and she said she couldn't tell me while the sale was pending but that it was listed at one price and it sold for close to that. This is good news for us. I have another bedroom and a pool, so our price will be slightly higher. Jenny came home long enough to eat, take a shower and get dressed again to go out with Marissa to meet friends. She wandered in around 3 am...she had to sleep on the couch as we have no beds here now, except our own. As soon as Richard and I got up, she went and climbed into our bed. LOL. The dogs are keeping her company.I have to rouse her soon so we can head off to take her back home. She loves her apartment and is enjoying it a lot and can't wait for us to see it. We're going with tools to help her hang some shelves and pictures. Anyway, on that note, I must be off.

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