Saturday, August 27, 2005

February 13, 2005


Well, in a move that counteracts the impression of the big corporate evil...Best Buy called to let me know the printer was ready to pick up. I went in and they surprised me. The printer (which is now only 12 days from end of warranty) was not fixable. I bought it on sale for $60 or so. Its retail value was $99. They gave me a credit for the $99 and told me to go buy another printer. I asked if I could apply it to the printer I bought the day I dropped the broken one off. They said YES! So in a convoluted, mind-bending mess of return and credit, we got it all straightened out and I now have a $99 credit on my credit card! I am way impressed. Richard and I went to our Valentine's lunch yesterday at the Chinese buffet in town. We both enjoyed it immensely. After Best Buy, we cruised to the home improvement store to get primer for the rest of the kitchen cupboards. The problem was that the paint was not adhering well enough. The gurus at the store said primer would fix the problem. Then we stopped in at the fabric and craft store. I needed Winnie-The-Pooh fabric for an online buddy's baby shower. We're a group of writers who have our own silly forum (and a serious one, too) and Angie is one of the young ones. Her little wee womb occupant is lovingly referred to on the forum as the Manatee. Anyway, because she lives in Sweden, I need to get this gift done today so I can ship it out tomorrow. Her online shower is slated for 2 weeks from now. In addition, I need to start actively de-cluttering and packing a few more things. Time to get this house on the market in the next month or so. Richard is now painting as I sit in here trying to decide - quilt or write? Quilt or write? LOL Actually, it'll be both. I have to get 15 more pages done on HOME FOR CHRISTMAS and I have to finish the quilt so I can mail it! Off to get things done!

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