Saturday, August 27, 2005

December 31, 2004

The last day of the year...
Actually, its already New Year's in Australia and that side of the world.I have lots of resolutions made...they are the same ones I make every year! (grin). Do more writing, do more quilting, work on down-sizing and de-cluttering. I usually accomplish most of what I set out to do, just not as much as I'd like to do! Richard is painting. Right now, he's working on the hallway. He's painted the ceiling already and is now doing baseboards, doors and trim. 8 doors in our house open off the hallway, laundry room, 3 bedrooms, the garage and 3 linen closets. Plus the double doors that house the heating/cooling unit. We discussed and decided to paint the hallway a different color than the tan of the living room and dining room. It is a long, L-shaped hallway and he says it always seemed dreary and dark to him. So a lighter color, maybe even something as pale as Devonshire cream is in order. We'll get paint tomorrow if the stores are open.People are already setting off fireworks around here. The dogs keep gently woofing as they hear the rockets hissing into the the sky and then popping. They are a little disconcerted by the noises. We are of a mind that they need more socialization so we will be visiting PetsMart more with them and going for walks a little more often. I've been cleaning out my closet, getting rid of old clothes and shoes. Its a hard decision because some of the things I have are nice clothes, but I've not worn them in so many years. I even culled through my formal dresses and will be passing on a few of them! My closet looks much better and it will be easy to move the clothing I left when Richard starts painting our room. Now to do the rest of the closets...oh, boy.

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