Saturday, August 27, 2005

June 12, 2005

Clean & Errand Day...
Today, Richard and I cleaned my car. It’s been filthy since before we went on the trip to Missouri and Oklahoma but since then its become more dirty! I want to put some things in the back for emergencies. I found an old plastic dog biscuit bucket to use. It has a snap on lid, so it was perfect. I put my trailer hitch, tie downs and netting in it, along with a roll of duct tape and masking tape. I was able to take this plastic box and the first aid kit and strap them down together in the trunk of the car. I have an emergency bag I keep in the car with personal supplies that I wanted to expand on. Since we were running errands, I decided to buy a larger zippered duffel bag to put more things in. I want a modified bug-out bag. A bug-out bag contains emergency supplies in case you have to leave your home because of natural disaster. Since hurricane season has started, I need to get my supplies together. This bag holds personal toiletries, towels, washcloths, a rain poncho, toilet tissue and the dogs' tie-out lines. I'll put more in it as I get more stuff. I will make two more bags for bugging out. One will hold a change of clothing and personal items for Richard and I, and the other will be ready-made packages of food items and tools. The car looks great and smells nice. We powdered the seats and carpet with insect repellent (in case we picked up critters in MO & OK). I also put one of those air fresheners in it for the time being. Tomorrow when I drive to work I'll probably have to pitch it way in back, as most times those things are overpowering. I really need to re-do the first aid kit, but for the moment, I'll leave it as is. Anyway, must go write for a while.

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