Saturday, August 27, 2005

June 15, 2005

And on and on...
Seems like I'm standing still and yet we're doing so much these days. Richard's car is acting up again, we know there's a fluid leak in the newly repaired A/C unit. Sigh. In addition, his engine check light went on. He is taking it in Friday to be checked out and we're hoping that it will be fixed. We considered options, too. Trade it in? Buy the truck now? Yes, we'll be buying a truck in our near future, due to the fact we'll be building our own house on the property. So we went and looked at trucks last night. Of course, the one I wanted was no longer there. I'd done a web search for the type we're looking for and what is acceptable in a used vehicle for us. Anyway, we came away with good ideas but didn't buy. The pool folk came and apparently fixed the pool intake jets, finally. I'm trying to spend time in the pool, but haven't succeeded much...sigh.New work procedure. I have to come back in at 5:30 to let the drivers in to pick up car parts from our new client. I could be here anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. It messes up my day, but more $$ for the house, I suppose. Today our work ad ran in the newspaper, so I've been fielding applications all morning, too. My critique partner and best buddy is out of town this week, vacationing in Alabama with her family. Afternoons are NOT the same! The first day I kind of wandered around - I could've been writing or quilting but it was weird not talking about our current Bible study, death, politics and taxes, as usual. Yesterday was only slightly better, I did write some. I'm amazed at how set in my routine I've become! I suppose when we're both living the rural life, we won't have as much time to talk because we'll probably be out plowing the back forty or something. I went to the store yesterday to pick up whey protein. On the emergency websites, it mentions that a few meal replacement food bars are a good addition to any bug-out bag. In checking the free recipes from various websites, aside from all the usual ingredients which I have, it said whey protein would boost calories. I figure I'd rather make my own food bars or add the protein to dishes I already make. Apparently it can be added to cooked and non-cooked food, so it was a good buy. Since I'm not a chocolate lover, I bought vanilla . I spent a happy two hours surfing all the emergency and survivalist websites last night. The surplus stores do a good business, I think. Lots of military surplus to be had for good prices. I'll probably pick up some emergency-style things there, too. My downfall is that I love to have everything neat and orderly. Richard tries to steer me away from any store with displays of bags, organizing bins, shelves and units meant for storage. I love to peruse such stuff. I want to organize all the emergency stuff. Right now I'm putting it in duffel bags or various sizes but the websites recommend a large hiker's pack for each member of the family with 3 days worth of food, clothing, protection, shelter and bedding in it. That way, if you get separated in the ensuing emergency, you can still bug out on your own. Richard rolls his eyes and shakes his head when I talk of this stuff . He's of the opinion that a few essentials in the back of the car ought to do it. Reading the survival websites is quite an education. Most are of the opinion that the average folk aren't ready for minor emergencies, much less major ones. I can see their point. However, on one website, I ran across advertisements from various members. One ad was from a man who'd been in survivalist mode for 20 years. 20 years. Preparing and waiting for something bad to happen. He was selling all his stuff, because he was sick and old, now. I can see from visiting the sites where one would have a tendency to go overboard with the planning. I think I could, very easily. But that pulled me up short. Planning for emergency should be a part of your life, not BECOME your life. 20 years. Wow. And on that note, I must get back to writing.

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