Saturday, August 27, 2005

January 16, 2005 - 2nd post

And more work...
Well, I have to go in to work tomorrow for a short while. Most everyone is off, but we have a few drivers running about and MEB has to go to the Valley, so we figured I should be there for a bit. I am working on my list of things to do. A lot of the list is still leftover Christmas type tasks, like sending out belated Christmas cards and finishing up the bags I make and fill with personal items for the Domestic Abuse Shelter. My sister started that one and I continue it through-out the year. I've made one bag in between all the packing and cleaning I've done today. I'm working on another. I will need to make about 10 bags as that is what I have supplies for. Once they are done, I will begin collecting for next Christmas. Last year I had them done in plenty of time but this year with Jenny graduating and guests and the trip to Mom and Pa's...sigh. Richard is now painting his closet. We were thinking that this would be the last one but then we realized we need to paint the closets in Jenny's room and his office! Jenny's room is off-limits right now for 2 reasons. One, she's moving her own stuff out and wants to do a serious de-clutter, and two, we have the bakc hallway so packed with boxes we can't get to it anyway! His office is also starting to look cluttered with boxes. He's thinking to get the storage unit on February 1. That will be an all weekend task to get the stuff shlepped there. One that is done, we will do a really good cleaning of the house and garage, bathe the dogs and get that For Sale sign out front. In that sort of news, the neighbor who we felt had his house priced too high has dropped the listed price and has a different realtor than before. He dropped the price $5,000. Naturally, Richard and I are watching the saga with deep interest, his price will most likely determine ours. Anyway, back to making the bag(s).

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