Saturday, August 27, 2005

June 27, 2005

So the dealer called this morning and said the truck was sold. Richard was quite disappointed...then the dealer called back and said the deal fell through! So we went and bought the truck. 1997 Tacoma X-cab, 4 wheel drive. Lot of miles, but we had a mechanic check it over. A few small things need to be taken care of but well worth the price we paid. Realtor brought the signed contract by today. The buyers will do the full home inspection tomorrow. Once that's done, we can move forward.Richard had very minor surgery today to remove moles on his leg. They've been removed there before, but they grow back. This time they were cauterized after removal. So we hope we won't be seeing them again. He's ensconced on the couch with remote, pillows and a quilt watching Harry Potter (a fave movie). Les and Jen both called as usual. All is well. Bun-Chu instant messaged to tell me she was back home. So the girls are doing fine and all's right with the world right now. I did some editing last night, but need to do a whole lot more. So off to edit. After I hem up my new jammie pants – T-shirt fabric, nice and roomy and comfy!

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