Saturday, August 27, 2005

May 14, 2005

Today the painting...tomorrow? The painting...
Richard painted the cathedral ceiling in the living room last night. I ran off to go buy fabric, stopping in to pick up Soumya on the way. She was having a cup of coffee, so I went in to chat...and we ended up laughing and talking until midnight. It was too much fun. So today, the fabric store...eventually. LOLRichard spent the day painting our peaked bedroom ceiling. It was a little unnerving because the ladder isn't quite tall enough and he had to stand on the top step to reach the peak. He did it, though and now the room looks great. We have to do the baseboards and trim, but that's not too bad.I finished making the other two curtains for the living room window. The living room still needs molding paint, walls paint and the baseboards and trim painted. We ran out so I have to get some on my way to the fabric store. Echo was most perturbed that we were rearranging furniture and especially when we took the bed apart and moved her sleeping chair. Oh, boy. Nuerotic dog. Seriously, this dog needs to get out more. LOLAnyway, now I need to go clean up and change clothes so I can go fabric shopping. Back later!

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