Wednesday, August 24, 2005

September 16, 2004


Been Busy...
With lots of things - work, mostly. My second-to-the-youngest brother is coming to visit! He'll be here this evening late. He's bringing his wife and kids, too. They actually came down for the wife's sister's graduation from Air Force boot camp. They'll be traveling back and forth to the base, spending her liberty days with her and evenings with me. They're leaving Sunday or Monday.The 3 kids are excited about swimming in our pool. They've never been to a house with a pool and are convinced that Dennis lied to them and that's a kiddie pool in our back yard. I turned on the underwater lights so when they get here, a peek out the windows will show them it’s a real pool. If they aren't too tired, I may let them wade around before bed. We shall see. I need to get some more buckets and gamma seal lids for our hurricane/emergency preparation stuff. All the buckets are filled and we have lots of water and even a handheld purification system. Other than that, all is quiet, just busy with work and housework.

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