Wednesday, August 24, 2005

October 31, 2004


Looking at new things...
Richard and I are spending a lot of time checking out home, building and house magazines. We've cruised the Net looking at log cabins, garages and brickwork. We are dreaming of our retirement home and have traded plans, wishes and practicality back and forth. Today, Richard mulched the backyard and we returned 3 of the needlepoint hollies which died. Turns out they had powder mildew AND a fungus! We got to exchange the 3 dead plants because they are guaranteed to 6 months! We also spent money on the fungicide that kills the mildew. Echo and Flint played outside off and on all day. I figured I'd better let them out because when the kids start coming for Trick Or Treat Halloween, they'd be nervous and upset. Sure enough, they were. I ran out of candy at about 7:30. We didn't have a lot of kids this year. I only turned off the porch light because no one had walked up for a good 15 minutes. A minute after the light went off, we got one small child. Our indoor foyer light shines out clearly, so we had to turn that off, too. Jenny is off in Austin, supposed to come home tonight. I cooked today, too. I made fried chicken nuggets for quick meals and then made a huge amount of pancit (Philippine dish) for more quick meals. Richard and I kept snacking on the nuggets as they were done and by dinner didn't need a lot of food LOL. The occasionally candy bar was also a big appetite-killer (G).I got off work early on Friday and came home to take Jenny shopping. She's been bugging me to go and so far I've resisted mostly because our schedules weren't meshing. However, before we went shopping we went to the polling place to do our civic duty by voting in this election. A lot of people had the same idea. I was surprised at how many people were there. I am procrastinating mightily. I need to finish a small detail on the applique tablerunner for my Fall Gift Exchange on one of my email loops and I'm finding it difficult to start. With that note, it's time to get off here and get busy on it so I can mail it tomorrow.

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