Saturday, August 27, 2005

January 19, 2005

Moving forward...
All is going well at the Stahel hacienda. We are moving ever forward, but slowly, with the home repair and maintenance. Last night both Richard and I got in late, so after dinner, dishes and giving the dogs some people-time I was pretty much shot for the evening. My big goals list that I feel I MUST do...well, nothing got done last night!On a lighter note - I did get to talk to my sister-in-law Bobbie and Brittany, Brandon and Matthew for a bit. Bobbie's settled in Alaska with the kids now (and its -50 degrees - NO THANK YOU!). Kids are loving school, life is good, the Durango needs some repair, but otherwise all is well. Dennis, my brother, is very lonesome in Korea, but one month down, 11 to go!In the office, Steve and I were discussing the weather - up and down, up and down! I told him I want to be a weatherperson - they get to lie all day (in public!) and not be responsible for a single thing they say, because its an Act Of God if they are right...or wrong! Steve says I have an interesting perspective (grin). Jenny called today to check in and to let me know its snowing in Maryland. Yeah, like that's news this time of year. LOL. Across the street from where Leslie lives is a little Shiba Inu dog that looks just like Flint, so Jenny had to ask how her puppies were and if they missed her. They miss the woods at Grandma and Grandpa's. Echo gets excited about going outside, runs out lickety-split and THEN, stops dead, looks around at me as if to ask "where are the trees?" Hey kiddo, can't help it - this is Texas, not Missouri. Unless you start doing paying dog-tricks, we're not going back to Missouri until summer. And speaking of that, I saw the funniest T-shirt on an otherwise wildly dressed and tressed teen the other day. "KEEP STARING, I may do a trick!" Cute, way cute. Gotta love a kid with a sense of humor. At some point, Richard thinks we need to pack up the stuff scattered about the living/dining room. I told him, "You start..." I've been working longer hours so don't have all the free time I usually have. He agreed we should do it when WE get a bit more time. Probably this weekend. That's the bad thing about repairing and maintenance - the mess we create in other areas of the house while we strip it to bare walls and do the necessaries. I must get back to work, now.

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