Saturday, August 27, 2005

August 14, 2005

A lazy day...
And yet I actually accomplished something. Well, several somethings. Richard and I went to Kingsville yesterday because he had some sheds and houses he wanted me to see. The styles might do well on our property. So we went and took pictures and I do like some of the details. We're still discussing styles. He also took a picture of me in front of the metal sculpture of the javelinas at Texas A & M Kingsville. I had no idea I'd gained so much weight! I thought I'd gained about five pounds, the picture looks like fifteen! Or maybe (shudder) more! So when we got home, I did sit ups and then went into the pool and did 20 minutes of laps and exercise. Today, I leisurely spent the day making a small quilt table topper. Its not a full size tablecloth, nor does it have batting in the middle. Its meant to be placed on top of another tablecloth as a decorative. I made it for my secret pal on one of my email loops. Every year, we draw a name and we have "Christmas in July." This way, we can gift each other during a less hectic time of year. I also sent her a copy of JENNIFER'S CHRISTMAS GIFT. I hope she likes her gifts. The dogs have been quiet today, I suppose because Richard and I took the day off. We didn't do much around the house at all. He'd already done the mowing and weeding on Friday because of the potential buyers. I did my pool exercise this evening while Richard swam around in the moonlight. Its nearly a full moon, I think, or will be soon. Anyway, a quiet day and we both enjoyed the leisurely feel of it.

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