Wednesday, August 24, 2005

October 16, 2004


Of Weekends and things...
Yesterday, I found a dead shrew in the pool. And a live one. The poor little thing was so exhausted that when I held out my hand, he/she/it desperately swam right to me. I guess survival of the fittest can mean compromising on which situation is more dangerous so one can live. I fished it out and set it by the palm tree, where it shivered uncontrollably and could barely walk. I was on the phone at the time and called Jenny outside to see if we could capture it in a bowl and take it inside to blow dry (blow-drying works really well on wild animals as both they and you prefer not to touch directly). Anyway, by the time she got outside, the shrew had disappeared into the roots of one of the trees. Ah, well. David (my brother) called to give me his new phone number and address. We've not heard from him in many months. They are still living in the 5th wheel in a small RV park.Richard and I are working outside in the front yard today. We will be planting more needlepoint holly, plumbago and petunias. Right now, he is setting the brick bed liners and not much I can do to help, except stand in the street and see how it looks. He is working with a level, mallet and other tools so they will look very good when he is finished. No haphazard plopping then down any old way, here! I went out and bought all the plants, potting soil, root stimulator and a paving stone for the fountain yesterday, so we could stay home and plant all day today and tomorrow. I talked to Mom last night - she said our property is such a thick, overgrown jungle that it is hard to walk through it. Sounds like we need to do a lot of clearing before we do much else. She also thinks the property behind us might be for sale. I told her to check into it. I'd like to have as much land around me as possible and the fewer neighbors the better. The property behind us may have a septic system and a well, she's almost certain! That would be great. Anyway, we need to make a trip up there to see it, but simply don't have the time just now. We had Marisa, Jenny's friend over for dinner, with Bob and Bear, her two schnauzer dogs. Both dogs were great! They played with our dogs and ran around and just had a rip-snorting good time with each other. Marisa was fun, too. We've decided after the Induction Ceremony for the Honor Society 2 weeks from today, that Marisa and her Mom will come over for dinner. With Bob and Bear, of course. Anyway, back out to watching Richard set the brick!

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