Saturday, August 27, 2005

February 1, 2005

It had to happen...
My sister's computer is fried by a virus, I'm pretty sure. I'm not quite certain what she will be doing about it as she is offline. She IMed me about the problems and then called...its dead. Along that same vein, my printer started acting up. Since it was under warranty, I took it in for repair. The printer cost a whole $60. They are shipping it to the company for repair. Shipping costs for such a large box are sure to be high. Then there's labor. Parts? Maybe. And then shipping it back. I am assuming a cost somewhere in the vicinity of $100 for shipping, labor and repair. For a $60 computer. This makes sense to someone, somewhere. I have a friend of a friend who has found a semi-solution to the high costs of ink cartridges. She simply buys a new cheap printer each time she needs ink. The cartridges for her former printer were nearly the same as a new printer...which comes with NEW FULL cartridges in it! She donates the old but still working printer to some tax-deductible charity each time. Don't know if I'd go that far, but its original, anyway. I decided to buy a new printer. I bought a slightly pricier one. When I get the repaired printer back, I'll probably pass it on to my brother who is getting one of our old computers. He's not online yet, but I have this computer...And speaking of strange things...I saw a website advertised on the back of a car today. It had the word "toxin" in the URL. Apparently, they were advertising how to be toxin-free. The irony was that this was on the back of a CAR. Uhhh...can we say conflict of interest? Cars by their emissions and probably some of their manufacturing components are probably fairly toxic. Ahhh, well. I have to remind myself that people are grownups and are allowed to be whatever they wish...and have opinions on whatever they wish...and spout those opinions in whatever manner they wish. Basically like me in this journal . Its been raining and foggy and dull and gray here. I've missed seeing my dog-walkers on my morning drive. This evening I had to run to work and got to see the German Shepherd and the Sheltie on my way home. MY dogs were in the car with me and enjoyed their ride. Dogs are so unconditional about love, you know? To them, a ride in the car is the highlight of their day. Both sat quietly while I waited for drivers. Flint did cry at first, but when I kept poking my head out the door he calmed down. He sat on the seat, alert and watchful, waiting for me to return. When I got back in the car I was greeted like a prodigal daughter. I'm sure if they had opposable thumbs, they'd have feted me like a princess. Instead, I was head-butted and licked to be sure I'd not received any injury on my sojourn out to the cold, cruel world. There is another bright spot on my morning drive. We have a crossing guard for the children at the street leading out of my 'burb. She is a friendly soul, she waves at everyone and smiles really wide. I always make a point of waving and smiling back. Her smile is the start of my work day. I always feel myself grinning nearly the whole way to work. The other day I came home early and we had a bright, sunshine-y day. I had the windows down, it was the kind of day when you're feeling glad to be in the world and the fresh breeze feels joyous and alive. I had to stop at my 'burb entrance and she just happened to be on the corner right next to my car. She was singing. Just singing away, enjoying her song, oblivious to anyone being able to hear. I smiled and waved and she waved back without stopping her song. That fresh breeze carried her joyous song to me and made me feel glad to be alive. One day, I think I'll stop and tell her what she means to me. And I don't even know her name.I must be off now. I have Chapter Five to write this evening.

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