Tuesday, August 23, 2005

July 29, 2004


More stuff today...
I sort of ran the office today since MEB is in Houston getting a new contract up to our standards. I talked to him several times today, he was pretty busy during the morning and by 5 pm he was so tired. Patrick, one of the other guys who works in the other offices got my laptop up and running again! The hard drive was trashed and I had to buy a new one, but he got everything reloaded and going. The only sad news is the old drive was not recoverable. I lost everything on it. Ahhh...well. I came home and am cleaning house. I decided I don't want to come home from vacation to a filthy house, so I am cleaning and scrubbing and dusting and everything. I'm washing blankets and laundry and anything fabric that gets in my path.Echo still has her rash, but I brushed her out today and got enough hair for a whole 'nother dog, again! After I got the vacuuming done, I ran it over her for a few minutes, figuring that it will suck out any loose hairs that I missed. Tomorrow she and Flint will be bathed in anticipation of their time in the kennel. Already, she is bouncing around appearing to be more comfortable. I think she was driving herself crazy trying to get rid of the hair! I guess long-haired dogs shed in the summer, too. Hair is everywhere, even though I sweep nearly every day! While cleaning the bathtub, I noticed the drain was slow...sigh...hair again. I bathe them in the tub about every 2-3 weeks and there were nice little clumps of dog fur mixed with slimy soap. Yuck! Anyway, rushing around here trying to get more cleaned up. Tomorrow I pack the car and get everything ready to go so we can leave way early on Saturday morning. Leslie is flying in tomorrow night around 8 pm, so life should get interesting here. The kid has a warped sense of humor and we've not seen her in too long! All right, I am trying to think of more to write in hopes of procrastinating...sigh. Off to clean some more!

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