Tuesday, August 23, 2005

July 22, 2004


An easy day...I came home at 2 pm! The day went well at work, slow enough for me to get several things done that I'd wanted to do. I am slowly fixing up the files in proper format and making lists of key things I need to know. Came home to joyful dogs who were quite willing to play outside while I swam. Did my aquarobics and a few minutes in the sun for a little tan. I can't lay out like most people since I am pigment-challenged (redhead with fair complexion). I had a nice chat with my best friend and then made meatloaf and corn for dinner. I also took out the frozen oatmeal cookie dough and made the cookies, but I don't like this recipe at all. Even tossing in some applesauce couldn't save the dough. The dogs love the cookies, however. (insert a big grin here). I have to decide if I want to write or if I want to quilt. Or perhaps I'll badger Richard into making me a webpage. What are my chances, I wonder? Anyway, its been a fairly quiet day and I am not sure how it will end, I'm feeling pleasantly tired and unambitious.

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