Tuesday, August 23, 2005

July 21, 2004


There are only opportunities...
At least, that's what MEB keeps saying. Yesterday we lost 4 drivers. One quit, one had her baby two weeks early, one's wife had a baby the same day! and one had a bad accident. The last driver will be okay, but he fractured ribs and vertebrae and will be in traction for some time. We ran around like wild things trying to get the bank bags in the driver's car and finish his route. All our backup drivers were sent to various places to pick up the remaining bags and mail and then MEB and I drove the bags from the wreck to the airport. Although we had to scramble, the plane left only 45 minutes late, which is really good, considering we'd only found out about the accident a few hours before. However, MEB and I were in the midst of him showing me how to do payroll so after all that mad dashing we came back to the office and finished it. I left at 8 pm with a detour taking the MEB home since he didn't have a car yesterday. I arrived home in time to have some applesauce for dinner. DH had gone out with his boss and one of the professors for dinner. After I read email and boards, I went to bed. Working 12 hours is not something I want to become used to. MEB also told me he will be leaving next week to help get the contract up and running in Houston. Sigh. I know he's a phone call away, but I LIKE having a part-time job and not being responsible for everything. Now I have to act like a grown-up, work full-time and make good decisions. Dang. I got off early today - 1 pm. I mailed some stuff, including a requested article, we shall now be on tenterhooks to see if editor wants to buy it. Then I went to Walmart. I needed to get some new face powder and a few other things. I was able to buy 5 new t-shirts on sale! They're cute and cheap enough that if I ruin one, who cares? The dogs behaved reasonably well today and even laid down and took a nap with me. I shall attempt to quilt but I am still yawning. Maybe I'll write instead.

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