Tuesday, August 23, 2005

July 19, 2004


Things that make you go hmmm....
So yesterday Richard and I were slugs and didn't go anywhere. Today, he went to his car to go to work and discovered it had been searched. All the stuff in the console and glove box was strewn about and the ashtray, which we keep full of coins, was sitting in the passenger seat. We keep about $10 in change in the ashtrays, nothing was taken. None of this would be upsetting except this is the car we took to the gun range. My car, right next to it with unlocked doors, was left alone. Speculation as to why they didn't take the money has us flummoxed. They didn't take any CDs, either - we buy the originals and then burn copies, keeping the original in a safe place because we've scratched too many good ones. The copies then go to cars and kids' packs to play. People have suggested to Richard that perhaps the persons weren't interested in money, but in finding a key. Anyway, police were notified and here's hoping the idiots weren't wearing gloves. I've been working on the God's Eye quilt. I'm amazed at how lovely it is turning out to be. The colors are soft turquoise, soft pinks/peaches/lavenders and a darker solid turquoise to offset the other two fabrics. I've decided it shall be Leslie's Christmas present. I'll post photos as soon as I finish it. I tend to be a surprise quilter - rarely do I buy specific fabrics for a quilt. I simply buy fabric and then one day, a couple pieces of yardage click in my brain or a pattern suggests what colors I should use and then inspiration does the rest. I've done some art quilts that have turned out pretty, simply using that formula. .Work was good today. Ended up being there until 2 pm, due to hiring new drivers. My boss is doing payroll, so here's hoping that for once I input everything in the computer right. Reading THE YEAR LONG BIBLE and BEST LAID PLANS by Gerrie Shepard.Off to quilt and write!

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