Tuesday, August 23, 2005

July 18, 2004


Dang it!
I'm piecing the Friday The Thirteenth blocks and I flipped the colors again! Darn it! It will be okay and no will know...except me. Sigh. I don't want to keep re-cutting and re-doing, so I won't correct the color sequence. It will look pretty either way. Just wasn't how I intended it. I am debating working on something smaller, just to have some instant gratification. I have patterns for several small projects that I am intending as Christmas presents, I ought to do some of them to keep me from hating quilting and not doing it again for 6 months. Then again, I look around and I have so many unfinished quilts. Let me count...the Woven Hearts, The Pinion Gatherer, Richard's Mustang Quilt, Katie's Horse Quilt, Bill's Star Trek Quilt, Bob's flannel quilt, My Irish Chain quilt, Maggie's denim quilt, the Log Cabin Quilt, Mom's hands quilt, and Lord knows what's under the rest of this fabric. All are pieced, several are backed, have batting and are actually in the process of being quilted (almost finished, in other words). But I seriously need to finish this stuff as we are trying to downsize our lives. Richard and I want to do some traveling and don't want to leave a lot of stuff behind to be taken care of. Leslie took a lot of furniture and other stuff with her and she needs to take more, actually. She left a lot here! Jenny will be moving to Houston in December/January and will take even more with her. Richard and I will be left with a four bedroom house with at least one room completely empty! I really don't want to fill it up, either. I need to develop a plan to begin finishing the quilts...in addition to working and writing daily! I used to do it well. I got sidetracked by other things, though, so I need to get back on track. We shall see. Back to quilting!

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