Tuesday, August 23, 2005

July 17, 2004


Saturday Fun...
I had to run in and open the warehouse for the guys this morning, but I was also able to drop off the plastic chairs I borrowed for the party and dump some boxes for my boss (he's moving). Then Richard and I went to lunch at Jason's Deli, a nice little sandwich/buffet here in town. After that, we went off to the gun range and shot the PKKS Walther and the .357 Magnum. Mostly to teach me how to use the Walther, which is technically "my" gun. I am having difficulty sliding the barrel back to chamber the round, guess I need to start doing strength training with my wrists and fingers. I did pretty good, shooting-wise. My clusters were tight and only a couple shots out of the many rounds I fired went wild. Most were also well within the bulls eye and the surrounding red circle. I tend to want to sight first, then squeeze the trigger. Richard says I should be slowly squeezing as I sight, so the kick as it fires will be a surprise and I won't jerk my hand and make the shot go wild. I don't know - I am not a good multi-tasker...The .357 was as fun as ever. I love that gun. It has a hair trigger and is so easy to shoot. The sucker weighs a ton, though and my wrists get tired after a couple 6 shot rounds. We came home and took a dip in the pool to cool off. I coaxed Echo into the pool by letting her stand the steps and gave her an inpromptu bath. She shivered and kept her ears down in that typical "you're-hurting-my-feelings-so-bad" look. Sigh. That dog can make me feel so guilty and all I wanted to do was let her have fun. Once out of the pool she zipped around the yard nice and cool. She's completely black and in the hot Texas sun, you'd think it would make her feel good. After a nap, I came and read my email then started on the God's Eye quilt again. I finally figured out the palette change and got Colors 1, 2, and 3 straightened out. The instructions are in different colors than I am using and I kept getting confused as to which one went where! The God's Eye square is now done, so I will go on to making the Friday The Thirteenth squares that will surround it. This quilt is intended for Leslie, as she was born on the 13th and these are her favorite colors. I'll give it to her for Christmas. She called yesterday wanting me to give her my wooden salad bowls. Apparently she is re-doing her bedroom in a richly textured Moroccan theme and has this idea to use the bowls for something or t'other as a design element. I'm not sure I want to know, but I guess I'll sacrifice my bowls for it. We're downsizing and I really haven't used them in years. Jenny called today, too. Two of her good buddies got into an argument and she felt a little weird about getting caught in the middle. She's okay with it, but just needed some reassurance. Her intern group went out and did a volunteer beach cleanup today. She then came home and her phone call was basically about how to cook a potato in the microwave. Both girls are learning to cook on their own, after ignoring my efforts to teach them for years. They're finding that going out to eat isn't as much fun when you do it over and over and over and over and over...Anyway, the break is over, back to the quilt!

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