Tuesday, August 23, 2005

July 16, 2004


Its Friday! Wheeeee! I finally got out of work at 2:30. Usually, I only work till 1 pm, but today lots of interesting stuff was happening. MEB interviewed drivers, the other company's guy had his little son in, Tiger was rushing in and out between everyone trying to get me to give him more dog biscuits. MEB went off on his motorcycle for lunch - I didn't get to ride today! Well, dang! Sigh. We had to wrangle drivers again - lots of things happening. In other news, one driver's wife is gonna be scheduled for a Cesarean next week, our preggie driver is coming due the first week of August and several are taking vacations. Its gonna get hectic real soon...maybe. With the new drivers, maybe we won't. Here's hoping, anyway. Richard and I are still finding it funny that even with no kids home we aren't going out and doing things! All the things we used to do before kids...LOL. So this evening since I got paid we decided to go out to eat. But where? We've not been out on our own in so long neither of us had a clue (we always took into consideration what kids, grandmas, aunts and moms wanted to eat!). MEB recommended the Longhorn Steakhouse. So we went and we both had a nice steak! As we wandered out to the car, we noticed an Army surplus store (tells you how unobservant we are, been here 2 years and never knew it was there). Since we're going camping with Mom & Pa the first week of August, we decided to meander over and check things out. It's not like we NEED anything - we've been tent camping for 15 years! But its fun to look. Sooooooooooooooooooo...they were closed, saying they were having a tent sale on the corner of two busy streets down the road. Off we went. They didn't have anything new and exciting, but Richard DID find bullets kind of cheap for his rifle...we thought. We bought 100 rounds and got home and discovered the rifle is a .243, not a .223. Sigh. We'll exchange tomorrow.But, before we came home we decided to go see if that shooting range was open - the one we went to last year but never managed to get into because it was closed. We talked to the very nice man there and will be going shooting tomorrow. Richard wants me to start practicing with my PKKS Walther. I've had it for quite a while, but haven't practiced with it at all since we've been in Texas. I have to go open the warehouse for the guys tomorrow morning, then off to the shooting range. After that, who knows?The dogs behaved today, mostly because the pine cone basket is on the mantel, I'm sure. They did pull more duct tape off the carpet (the Oriental carpets have a fringe they love to chew, so I folded it down and duct-taped it to the back of the carpet). Toys were everywhere so that tells me they had a good time racing up and down the hallway and wrassling in the living room. Mom called just to shoot the breeze and also so Pa could talk to me about where to meet when we go camping in Colorado. We chose Durango because there's a train Mom wants to ride (Mom loves trains). Pa wants to camp in Mesa Verde National Forest, so we're making plans to meet there - they're coming from Missouri. Leslie will be thrilled she wanted to be closer to the Four Corners area. The whole family are Louis L'Amour fans so she wanted to check out where Shalako took place, I think. I simply want to go see the cliff dwellings. We'll probably do some Ranger walks, too. The Rangers in Estes Park were great some 6 years ago when we camped there. One of the things both my girls were thrilled to learn was exactly what an alluvial fan was - LL talks about them in his books and both girls finally got to see one up close and personal. I think Jenny is skydiving this weekend. I told her not to tell me WHEN she'd be doing it, simply do it and tell me afterwards. There is an older gentleman in her office who is fascinated by all that she does. He casually mentioned that he was impressed with all she was doing this summer and he asked if this was the busiest and most fun summer she's ever had. He was shocked when she said she's usually busier and she's had some really good summers. Her fellow interns are still in awe over the fact she took a semester off and hit the road to go visit family and friends, not coming back until she had to go back to college!I started making my second God's Eye quilt last night and gave up in despair. I'm not good when I switch the color palette and I didn't pay enough attention. The corner units are wrong and I have to rip 'em out and start over. Grrrrr...I really hate that! In total defiance, I went online and check out the used RVs. I really want one. A big one. To live in. But then again, I also want a log cabin in the woods. And a Spanish hacienda in the foothills of Taos. As far as writing...HA! I must get back to it but I'm pretty much wiped out by working full-time and the anemia is making me tired, as usual. I stopped taking iron because it makes me nauseous, but I suppose I need to start again. Sigh. Anyway, off to quilt...or read. Maybe even write!

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