Tuesday, August 23, 2005

June 26, 2004


Back again!It has been some time since I updated. I got a job and that took up a lot of time until I settled into the routine. I'm a receptionist/data entry clerk for a courier service. Mostly what I do is wait for phone calls from our contract businesses and then dispatch our drivers to courier stuff between the businesses in town (and some out of town). We call these "hotshots" as they are not part of our planned routes. Mostly it is medications from the pharmacies and blood from the dialysis centers. My boss told me the job is dead easy and will be boring while I sit there to wait for calls, so bring in a TV or something. I asked him if I could write instead and he said YES! So I've been writing about an hour a day at work.The other kewl thing is that he is really the best boss I have ever had! I call him Most Excellent Boss (MEB ). We get along great and he is very fun-loving - all business about the business but well into having fun the rest of the time. The first week I worked there, he took me for a ride on his motorcycle, a Suzuki 1000, I think it is. THAT was blast! I want a motorcycle, now. There are two other guys who work in the office (different business) and we even have a business dog. They rescued a little dachshund/chihuahua mix who wandered up to the door and the rest is history. His name is Tiger (although several of the drivers call him Killer ). He's adorable and loves me best (I bring biscuits from home and give him treats). Yesterday, MEB contracted the office across the hall for himself. When we work together, we work at the same long table and we keep running into each other. He finally decided we needed to separate into our own offices. As soon as he told me, I started moving his stuff out. He thought this was hysterically funny, as I trucked his stuff out while he was on the phone. He and one of the other guys moved the couches, too - I wanted the one in his office and he wants to put chairs in there. So, I took down all his motorcycle posters and now must make a quilt or two for my walls. I wanted BRIGHT colors because the office is kind of drab...and I had this PERFECT sunset looking fabric with oranges and purples all blended and gold lightning streaks. I also wanted some turquoise in there, to go for a sort of Southwestern look. So,I made a God's Eye block for the center and am currently making Friday The Thirteenth blocks for the outer border. It looks sensational! As soon as I am finished, I will post a photo. In other news, Jenny went to her internship and Richard and I are alone for only the second time in our married life of 26 years. We were alone only when we got married for about 3 months, then he went overseas. He came back just in time for the first baby to be born. It is interesting to see how casual both of us have become. Dinner is especially interesting. I love to cook, but I do get tired of it like anyone would. Rather than the big meals I used to cook, we are finding ourselves grabbing a sandwich or making something quick, like soup and grilled cheese sandwiches a LOT! We also turned down the AC (Jenny likes to keep it at Arctic levels). The dogs have adjusted to her being gone by being more cuddly. Both are nightowls, thanks to my penchant for staying up so late...but since I started work, they're having to adjust to me going to bed long before they are ready. They play in the dark house, running up and down the hallway and wrasslin' in the living room until about 1 am. Then Flint comes and sticks his cold nose on Ricahrd's back to go out for one last time before they settle. Naturally, Richard doesn't appreciate this! Sooo...we closed the bedroom door. They were hurt and whined for a time, but finally gave up. We did that for about 3 days and now they're sleeping in the hallway, even when we leave the door open and staying asleep ALL NIGHT (Thank you, God).In other news, I won SECOND place in the Romance Writers Of America's Gothic Chapter's Haunted Hearts Writing Contest with my novel CAT'S CRADLE (a modern Gothic). Okay, I must get back to quilting!

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