Tuesday, August 23, 2005

July 11, 2004


Here is a link to the God's Eye Quilt
The quilt now hangs in my office. Everyone loves it and they were most staggered to learn that it took me some 25 hours to complete and that quilts that size run about $500. They were thinking to ask if I'd make them a quilt...sigh. I make quilts and I do give them away, but there are always extenuating circumstances. Quilts for my family are gifts. Quilts done for others are in exchange for what they do for me (a form of bartering, I guess). And the quilts for charity...they're just that. I make lots for charity. I've made over 125 quilts and I own about 5, not including the antique quilts I got as presents from my sister and my husband. I also have 2 antique quilt tops that I must finish one day, by hand. The charity quilts have gone to Sisters (a special place that helps pregnant women who have no other resources to call on), Ronald McDonald house, The Linus Project, Casa Domestic Abuse Shelter and have been auctioned off for local charities. There are photos of other quilts on that website. Feel free to browse.Merry

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