Tuesday, August 23, 2005

July 11, 2004


In other news...We went to a multi-cultural get-together last night. Richard's colleague, a young woman named Soumya, had a party. She invited her husband's post-doc buddies and people from work. An enjoyable time was had by all. I helped Soumya by acquiring chairs and making a few dishes to share. I cut up a watermelon, made chicken nachos, 7-layer taco salad dip, and barbequed chicken. The pre- and post-doc college folk are pretty intriguing. Being an Ag and Engineering University (Texas A & M)it is not uncommon to ask what their post-doc research is...and get the response, "Sea grasses, with work in Algae." That was the Frenchwoman, who got all her "book-learning" in France and Canada, but came here to actually work with the seagrasses she knew all about! Another majored in fish larvae of some sort, having hands-on training concerning marine life and its cycles and ecosystems. In an interesting aside, I met a young German woman who's mother was born in Fulda, Germany, where my brother has lived for the last 25 years! Small world!And I got to talk dogs with several people, which was fun! Soumya has an English cocker spaniel named Arjun - the name of an ancient Indian prince and warrior. She says it is a misnomer, Arjun is not brave at all! He was adorable, though - running from person to person to beg for treats and get petted. I have lounged around today, even though I should've made cookies or something for work. I'll take in a bag of chips and let it go at that.Otherwise a quiet day.

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