Tuesday, August 23, 2005

April 29, 2004


I couldn't stand it. Echo's tail was drooping and her ears were laying flat against her head. I knew soemthing was wrong. So this morning I loaded her up in the car with Flint. We went to the vet down the street. They told me they'd charge $85 for the emergency visit, I said okay. Her anal glands were impacted. Suffice to say that I am glad I am not a vet. They had to be emptied, I shall leave you to draw your own conclusions as to how that was done. Think EWWWWWWWW. Because they had a real emergency, we ended up waiting for over an hour. Flint and Echo enjoyed the wait - they sniffed the entire room a dozen times. Echo even reared up on her haunches to check out the table. Still think I oughtta do something about training her, that sniffing ability she has is phenomenal. Anyway, got out of there and only paid $58. Guess they decided since I waited so long they weren't gonna charge me. Very nice people. The one vet even recognised us from our midnight visit last summer when Echo got into the fire ant nest and her head swelled to twice its size. I dropped the dogs off at home and went back out to the bank, the dry-cleaner and then off to WalMart to buy things for the soldiers in Iraq. A BUNCH of the stuff on their lists was on sale! I was able to buy more with the money I allotted and feel quite happy about it. I also bought some stuff for my stock cupboard. I've left myself woefully vunerable on that point and told the family we need to get stocking again - hurricane season is upon us and since we had flooding and power outages the past 2 years, I want to be sure we can manage. Then it was home again to take a nap! I'm now up and shall be writing shortly. Jenny is home for a few minutes but she goes back out to college for a presentation she's giving this evening in her night class. And Echo has perked right up! Her tail is up and curled, her ears are standing up and her smiley face is on. I know, I am an easily amused and pleased hermit writer. What can I say? Sometimes its the small joys that bring happiness.

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